Gloucestershire CC Intending to Embezzle Taxpayers!

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Tomorrow, 11th Nov. 2015, it looks like Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet is intending to embezzle Gloucestershire Taxpayers by paying millions of taxpayers’ money towards the proposed Gloucester Incinerator constructors prior to its deal being revealed.

The deal, made in secret, has been declared to be revealed by the Freedom of Information Commissioner, but running scared of what information freedom would reveal, those pushing the incinerator through have appealed against the Commissioner’s demand for revelation of that deal. Now the Council Cabinet is trying to pay more of our taxpayer’s money to the proposed constructors before that Freedom of Information Act requirement is revealed, in order to make it harder for those Councillors against the scheme to cancel it.

Any further payment before contract dealings are revealed is tantamount to embezzlement of taxpayers’ money. Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet members should therefore be responsible personally for potential misappropriation of public funds and should become criminally liable for such action.


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