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The process of incineration marks a real threat to our breathable air. The concentrations of gaseous and particulate exhaust from an incinerator at exit into the air are so high that it means they are instant death. It is only by mixing with the air that the concentrations of these air additives are diluted enough to become statistically non-harmful. Basically an incinerator poisons the air! Dispersion principles are employed to try and render such poison safe!

As a society we are wasteful. We have also now fully commercialised dealing with that waste. Incineration was once considered the cheapest option, but in a world of limited resources and increasing population, reuse and recycling become ever more important and commercially viable.

Incineration of our waste must become an historical aberration.

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  1. C. Marsh says:

    I personally feel that there must be a much better isolated site on which to put this monstrosity than in a the beautiful countryside where it is proposed to be sited. Surely it cannot be within the realms of government to find another site away from this area.
    Although local protestations are probably ‘spitting in the wind’ against powerful organisations it is important that we make the viewe of the vast majority known. Proud to call myself a NIMBY!!!!!!

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